“The texture of the Veg Meat in the soup was so beef-like, I had to keep checking the packet to make sure it was vegan.” naijaveganchef.com

Hello from California! I heard about your restaurant on “The World” radio program and when I posted a link to that on the Facebook page of Vegans: Oakland, Berkeley and San Francisco, it has so far gotten 17 likes or loves! You have fans in California! Keep up the good work. 😁

“I came by Veggie Victory for the first time today (instead of just asking someone to pick up something for me as I wanted to visit once before I head back to England). I tried the asun and I must say, it is so good! I shared it and here are the comments I got:
“Are you sure this isn’t beef? I’m sure you’re being deceived and this is actually beef.”
“This tastes just like regular asun!”
“It’s really delicious!”
“Where did you buy it and how much was it?”
I think a few meat-eaters might be stopping by from time to time for some vegan asun. 😄

I’m leaving Nigeria in less than a week, but I’m really happy to have found Veggie Victory because Veggie Victory made my visit her more delicious :)” @sammysingally

“Live from port Harcourt, we discovered your product and it’s truly amazing. Keep up the good work” @eatalibe_ng